Once printed, stick your barcode label to your item. Pack your item, place a second barcode label on the box, and ship it. Print your own barcode label. Arrow. Start off with your blank product.

Why print your own Bar Code Tags?

  • Inexpensive - blank tags are affordable to buy and print
  • No special equipment required - print using your own PC printer
  • Fast to get blank tags
  • Flexible - use for several items or for several uses
  • No wait. No waste.SM

Inventory Management:

  • UID tags ( unique identifying number ), or UPC codes, can be used for tracking items, inventory, and pricing
  • Easy tagging of your retail items

What are Bar Code Tags?

Tags with printed symbols capable of being read by a scanner.

Burris postcards are often used when a large format is required for extensive, detailed data.

Why use Bar Code Tags?

  • Scanning is faster and more reliable than by entering by keyboard
  • Provides detailed information
    • Item code/number
    • Price or price look up
    • Description
    • Allows rapid item repricing
  • Easier Reporting of:
    • Profitability
    • Margin
    • Sales volume
    • Consumer demand
    • Inventory control
    • Item locator
    • Shipment location
  • Track shipping information
  • Use our Water / Tear Resistant Tags for outdoor inventory

We Also Recommend: Tag Elastic Loops or String

These handy elastic loops or string makes attaching your barcode tags to your items quick and simple!

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Need Barcode Tag Software?

Check out this Professional Barcode Software Review to find what barcode software suits your needs for your barcode labels best.